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The Golden Ferret Award of Excellence has been suspended indefinitely due to members' time contraints. The list of previous winners will remain in place.

Our Trophy Case

Writer's Digest Top 101 Websites for Writers blank space Golden Quill Award blank space Preditors & Editors Truly Useful Site Award

Golden Web Award 2002-2003 blank space Writing Site Award blank space High in the Sky Award blank space

Critical Mass Award blank space Golden Notebook Writing Supersite Award Badge blank space An Event Horizon Hot Site!

Amira Excellence Award blank space Inscriptions Site of Excellence

Bales Books & More Web Excellence Award blank space Creative Purrsuits RestStop Writers' Newsletter Literary Award blank space StudyWeb

Sunset Creative Resource Award, Gold Level blank space A Starting Point Hot Site!
(Gold Level)

Ferret House Award for: Site Excellence! blank space BTDesign Award blank space Cyber Teddy People's Choice Top 500 Site!

Thank you for helping us win a Cyber Teddy's People's Choice Top 500 Award!
Thank you for helping us win a People's Choice Golden Notebook Award!
Thank you for making us a Starting Point Hot Site!


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