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About Us

The 6' Ferret Writers' Group was founded in 1989 in Connecticut to foster the development of local authors' work through honest but fair criticism; to provide encouragement and inspiration to those authors as they write and submit their work for publication; and to provide a support network for those authors. We met in person for sixteen years, and only made the move to "e-mail only" once two of our members moved out of state and it became physically impossible to get to the meetings. Today, we report in to one another every Monday, and continue to critique one another's work.

Ink Logo While our meetings tended to be serious, the group has also had a lot of fun. In fact, the official mascot of The 6' Ferret Writers' Group is a "giant 6' ferret driving an 18-wheeler"-this odd character is the result of some of our writing exercises, serveral of which could only be stopped by killing off all of the characters with the now infamous line, "Just then, a giant 6' ferret driving an 18 wheeler came along and ran them all over. The end."

Our handbook for writers' groups, Don't Forget to Write!, was published in October 2000. It expands upon the information presented in this website, and also includes stories which resulted from our writing exercises.

Current members of The 6' Ferret Writers' Group are:


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