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Usage Guidelines

We have provided the information on this website free of charge to writers, to assist them in establishing their own writers' groups. However, all material on this website is protected under copyright law. Because of recent requests to reproduce our material, and one case of blatant plagiarism (which has since been rectified), we have created these usage guidelines for anyone wishing to reproduce any of the information found on this site.

Printing/Copying Pages for Individual or Writers' Group Use

Individuals are, naturally, welcome to print copies of pages from this site for their personal use. Photocopies (or copies printed directly from a computer printer) of specific pages from our site may be distributed to groups, provided that they are unaltered, and that the source of the information ( is clearly visible.

Website Reprints

Portions of this website may be reproduced on other websites, provided the following conditions are met:

Reprints in Printed Material

If you wish to reproduce any portion of this website in a printed publication, you must contact our webmaster to make arrangements. Payment, appropriate credit as listed above, and copies of the finished publication will be required.

Public usage of any material without the consent of our webmaster and clearly listed appropriate credit constitutes copyright infringement, and appropriate action will be taken.

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines. Please feel free to contact our webmaster with any questions.


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